Why I Got Motivated…

kgTo be honest, I’ve always been politically aware… I find it  enjoyable.  In the last twenty years I don’t recall missing an election, it’s that  important to me.  I’m a conservative and I believe government should stay out of business and our personal lives.  They should protect our borders and keep us safe.  I believe in pride, honor and integrity melded within everything we do and say.  I believe you do get rewarded for hard work and holding your principles near and dear to your heart.

This brings me to the first step of why I finally got motivated.  In late October, my son and I went to Virginia.  On our way home we stopped in Washington D.C.  (it seemed like a good idea at the moment).  I thought it would be a nice way to break up our drive and visit our Nations Capitol, not to mention spending a little father son time.  Let me tell you… after our visit I felt like nothing less then a stool pigeon.  Yeah, I know I should have felt proud, but I’m just being honest.  I felt very insignificant with no hope of control.  I can now see how the Congressmen and Senators fall completely out of touch with the citizens and do things they feel are important while not paying any attention or doing the wishes of their constituents.  It was a very enlightening moment for me.  After gathering my thoughts,  my son and I talked about what we experienced during our drive.  It was at that time it became very, very clear to me that our elected officials truly are not listening.  This was my first step towards getting involved.

OK, so fast forward past the out of control bailouts and the election of 2008.  It’s early February and I  started hearing rumblings about Tea Parties, so I say yeah, that sounds good. I’m not even a smoker, and in our fair state of New Jersey over Five Dollars of each and every pack of cigarettes goes to the state.  What do we have to show for it?  I’ll tell you… nothing except an out of control state govement!  Yeah, I’ll go to a Tea Party… so I went, bringing my 11 and 13 year old boys.  Well, if you were watching the weather that day you know the entire North East was COLD, EXTREMELY WINDY and RAINY. tea-party-april-2009-004 To my suprise over 50 proud Americans showed up,  so there must be something to it.  If the weather would have been a little more reasonable I’m sure there would have been a bunch more.  Besides the weather being so horrible, it was enjoyable to talk with like minded folks, so we endured for a bit and then parted ways.

Later that evening I was pushed over the edge while watching Fox News when they showed this clip Watch Video Now (A picture/video is worth 1000 words!).  Check it out for yourself… the arrogance of that reporter snapped a cord and it was at that moment I decided to get involved,  inform the un-informed, and hopefully help save our great nation.  We have elections coming up in November of 2010 and this time the silent majority must be heard.

Please help the cause; get involved and start or help organize a local Tea Party in your town.  You can search our events calendar for a Tea Party near you, and if you can’t find one in your area, start one of your own!  Get  into the action and help control our out of control government and spending.  You’ll be happy you did… God Bless America!

Thank you,

Kelly Grillo
Concerned Citizen

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