It’s not “Just a Fad”…

We need your help

NOTICE TO ALL PATRIOTS:  Washington DC September 10th – 12th 2009 – Don’t miss the biggest TEA party of all times… I believe it will be a historic event and ever possible patriot should do their best to attend.  For me details please visit the any of the following sites:  Schedule and more details, ,  This is going to be an all weekend event held in our Capitol and most likely the biggest TEA party ever.  Thank you and see you soon!  Kelly

If you’re  concerned as I am with the direction of our great country, it’s head on collision with socialism, it’s time for YOU to get involved.

How can you help?  Get involved… start or join a local Tea Party in your area, tell your friends, family and anyone that will listen.  My idea was to help the organizers of Tea Parties organize and make it easy.

The site is designed so that you can joinschedule and keep in contact with all the participants of your local Tea Party.  I’m looking for help with all aspects of the site… writing blog post, keeping the site fresh, and whatever the concerned public thinks it may need, as well as keeping everyone informed of the upcoming Tea Party events.

This site is dedicated to getting the word out that higher taxes and bigger government is not acceptable.  We need help from all concerned citizens from all walks of life to get the job done.

We need to  rally the silent majority and have our voices heard.  Tea Parties will be the best vehicle to do this.  Washington will have no choice but to hear us loud and clear,  realizing this isn’t “just a fad“.

Please get involved and contact me today.  We need to list all the Tea Parties throughout the United States as quickly possible.  Understand, this site isn’t limited to my local region… it’s intended as a portal to organize all the Tea Parties in the United States.


Kelly Grillo
Concerned Citizen

Ps:  Feel free to send me  pictures and comments of your tea parties.

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