912 March on Washington D.C.

912 March - Getting Started Fellow Patriots,

On behalf of our elected officials I would like to personally thank you for attending  Saturdays 9/12/2009 March on DC. 

 Actually I just made that up, I’m pretty darn sure you’re not going to here from a single sole from the hill, except for Joe Wilson! 

So with that being said, I’ll just take the liberty to do it on their behalf, Thank You!

As a family, seven of us in total (Mom, Dad, Wife, two boys and little sister) we decide the head down early Friday (it’s about a 4 hour drive for us) to beat the crowds, I’m sure glad we did!  The published rally time was 9:30AM at Freedom Plaza and we were to begin our march at 11:30AM.  What happened next was almost to good to be true and a credit to everyone that attended.

A friend of mine Dennis rings me at 8:30AM, “Hey Kelly where you at?  It’s getting pretty busy down here… you won’t believe it!, Really, yea I bet there is 10 to 20 thousand people already, Wow” So we finished breakfast and was there by 9:45.  What a wonderful and amazing sight, the hotel we stayed in was only about three blocks away an easy walk.  As we left the hotel and turned the corner we were encountered an wave of patriots, a never ending sea of people, it reminded me of of a giant caterpillar all moving in unison towards Freedom Plaza, it was breathtaking!

So we filed in and started movin’ on down… as giant political floats passed by I knew it was going to be one heck of a day!  I believe we met almost one person from ever state in the Union.  I personally spoke with patriots from, N. & S. Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, Arkansas, Texas, Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Alaska, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware.  By the time we reached the plaza it was full and the DC Police told us it was time to move out, so we did.  I’m not totally sure how far the march was (about 7 or 8 blocks) but that took us about one hour and a half to do.  The Capitol grounds were packed, witty political signs peppered the entire area, some of the best I’ve ever seen.  I got to give it to the people, we are a great country… the imagination and art (see pictures) work was second to none.  Keep steadfast in your mind this isn’t a pay to play thing… this is the free will of the American people displaying their disgust with the current political direction our country has taken.

The feeling of camaraderie, unity and pure joy was one that I haven’t felt in a very long time, it was like a spiritual moment… the conversation was like minded and everyone had valid points to make and not once did I hear foul language or nasty comments.  I must tell you it was truly and amazing day.  We finally settled in down on the right side of the Capital building about 150 yards from the speakers and could here them pretty well.. The young lady that song “God Bless American” did an outstanding job… no backup music just vocals and man was it sweet to the ears.

I believe we witnessed one of the greatest non-violent anti-government protest in history… I believe we made history, the amount of people in my estimation was well over a million. Critics will debate the numbers all day long, but I’m not getting into it.  The real proof will be in the 2010 elections, and that my friends is what it’s about.  I’m calling it now… I think you are going to see a enormous shift change (for the better) this next election.

Again thank you all for attending, lets not forget the hundreds of Tea Parties that happened simutaniously around the country… probably another 1/2 million people scattered around that didn’t get any press either!

God Bless you, our Armed Forces and this great country.  Everyone keep up the pressure and have a great day.


Kelly Grillo
Concerned Citizen

Ps:  Please take a look at our photos

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