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Please comment and tell me what you think.  Whatever you feel would improve the site and keep it interesting.  We need help from everyone to get our country back on track to lower taxes and smaller government.


Kelly Grillo
Concerned Citizen

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  1. Dembaggy says:

    Regardless of ones political alignment, this is a good thing for our nation. It is as I understand about keeping the discussion about our taxes open. I don’t know about socialism having anything to do with things, our nation is far from that for sure but where our tax dollars go is a completely different thing.

    We have the right, in fact the responsibility as a citizen of this great country to keep our government in line, make sure they are acting in our best interests. We also have a responsibility to know how our tax dollars are spent.

    We need to work to end waste, stop the spending of our tax dollars on things that our federal government shouldn’t be a part of in the first place. We need a new cleaner tax code that removes ways for people to avoid paying their fair share so the rest of us don’t have to pay more. Another place groups like this could help is on the state level. Some state taxing is out of control. Someone needs to watch them all, make it all more transparent so we all know what our tax dollars are being spent on.

    “We the people” make change, not administrations.

  2. Bob Lockhart says:

    As of yet I don’t have a website but will have shortly. What I would like to see and am going to try to make happen is a Nationwide Prayer meeting on July 4th while we are having a tea party. This Nation was founded on Christian principles and it is our duty to God to try and keep it a Christian Nation.

  3. Ron Edhlund says:


    You might want to get involved with another group, They’ve got the right idea.

  4. Hi Kelly
    I am interested in organizing as well as helping out with tea parties. I have heard that the next official tea party is July 4th. There is talk of a possible ‘walk on Washington’ that I would definately love to get involved with. Im from a small town, so it might be better for me to join up with someone. I called and e-mailed people, and that seems to be the jist-that this is not a fad and will not die down. Obama is well on his way to making us into a socialist country and I will fight him tooth and nail. My goal is to be his worst enemy! I may be one a million, but I want to be one. He does not love our country. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and that wolf wants to kill our freedom’s quickly, one by one. Thankyou for writting me and including your website, I love to see people with the same agenda as myself! The people I talk to about the ‘walk on Washington’ can be written at Better yet, call them at 800 333 9022
    One American to another;

  5. Jessica Ryan says:


    It was great talking with you about our next steps. I look forward to working with you in the future. Keep up the good work!

  6. Pat Wright says:

    It is so exciting to see people from all across our great nation getting involved and staying involved and I’m seeing concerned Americans dropping their “tags”. We are not democrat or republican or independent…we are concerned, freedom loving citizens coming together to take our country back from an out of control government who have totally forgotten that “we” are the government. We The People! It’s so important that we stay in touch thru sites like this one because “a house divided will fall.” I’ve been politically involved for over 25 years and this is the first time that I’ve seen this much energy
    continue to stay in the forefront. The media can’t close us down this time because we have the internet, we have websites, we have blogs and we are mad and we are not going to take it anymore.
    How dare this man who we really don’t even know try to step in and change our country to a socialist society!!!! How dare these 545 elected politicians in Washington D.C. think they can continue to take our freedoms from us, tax us into poverty status and revise our history by telling us this is not a Christian nation!!!

    We need to send most of these 545 office holders home, vote in a new bunch and if they don’t get it right, send them home also. We cannot be fearful or in awe of these politicans…they are public “servants” when they quit serving – they should be thrown out.

    Anyway I could rattle on for hours but I know I”m speaking to the choir. God bless each person who is in this battle for the soul of America.

    God Bless America.


  7. Justin Hale says:

    I think that we should pull together for a large Tea Party. I am saying April 15 2010, we have the time. Look what we were able to accomplish this past year. If we start organizing now and advertizing and get people in every state to go to our state capitols to Protest. I will stand, I will let my name be known. I am tired of working to support this governamant with an Illegal tax. I have it tattoed so everyone can see it. ” Taxes are Stealing”. I am calling for the largest protest in this modern History. United we Stand , DIvided we Fall.

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